74. The Comeback 9Mar71 (Production Order #: 73)

Sugar Ray Robinson plays an aging boxer who tries to stage a comeback in hopes of reaching his alientated son. Rocky Graziano is featured as his trainer. The story, told primarily in flashbacks, includes film clips of the 1952 world middleweight bout between Robinson and Graziano.

Guest Stars:
Sugar Ray Robinson as Candy Joe
Hilly Hicks as Robbie Collins
Rocky Graziano as Doc Russo
Rod McCary as Floyd Barris
Ernie Indian Red Lopez as Himself
Dick Enberg as Himself
Bucklind Beery as Cortney
Dick Young as Referee
James Lennon as Fight Announcer

Director: William Crain II
Producer: Harve Bennett
Writer: Mann Rubin
Music: Not Credited

Great episode, the main story is done as a flashback while the comeback fight goes on in the ring.

The Mod Squad tv series episode #74. The Comeback 9Mar71

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