85. Exit The Closer 9Nov71 (Production Order #: 83)

Faust on a used-car lot - Broadway actor Larry Blyden's character study of a hot-shot salesman who's selling his soul for profit. Included in the deal: bargain autos being used to transport narcotics.

Guest Stars:
Larry Blyden as Hardy
Ruta Lee as Gloria Hardy
Ross Elliott as Sanders
Gloria Manon as May Petrie
Ed Prentiss as Silverhair
Jake Sheffield as Fat Man
Howard J. Smit as Make-Up Man
Joe Huff as Salesman Other Guests: Austin Willis, Sandy Kenyon, William Long Jr.

Director: Don McDougall
Producer: Tony Barrett
Writer: Robert Collins
Music: Not Credited

Comments: The motorcycle chase scene is re-used footage from episode #6.

The Mod Squad tv series episode #85. Exit The Closer 9Nov71