86. Whatever Happened To Linc Hayes? 16Nov71 (Production Order #: 89)

Flashbacks to the Mod Squad's most harrowing cases heighten Linc's frightening bout with amnesia.

Guest Stars:
Lance Taylor Sr. as Deke Gibson
Lee de Broux as Keyes
Renny Roker, as Chermak
Priscilla Garcia as Consuela Valdez
Ron Stokes as Surgical Resident Other Guests: Tina Menard, Sam Edwards, Frank Farmer.

Director: George McCowan
Producer: Tony Barrett
Writer: Rick Husky
Music: Earle Hagen

Comments: Flashbacks to episodes 2, 3, 29 and 55 and, like the latter, this is a another great performance by Clarence Williams III.

The Mod Squad tv series episode #86. Whatever Happened To Linc Hayes? 16Nov71