89. Death Of A Nobody 7Dec71 (Production Order #: 88)

Grim determination marks Pete's search for a killer in "Death of a Nobody." The quarry is a driver who tried to run Pete down - and killed an innocent bystander instead.

Guest Stars:
Perry Lopez as Lou Delgado
Meg Foster as Carolyn
Martin E. Brooks as Clark
Brock Peters as Johnny Pell
Richard X. Slattery as Burke
Florence St. Peter as Mrs. Pell
Marjorie Bennett as Landlady
Eldon Quick as Employment Agent
Brett Parker as Priest

Director: Robert Michael Lewis
Producer: Anthony Spinner
Writer: Mann Rubin
Music: Not Credited

This episode finds the Squad driving a new vehicle, a yellow station wagon.

Groovy Tunes

The Mod Squad tv series episode #89. Death Of A Nobody 7Dec71