91. I Am My Brother's Keeper 4Jan72 (Production Order #: 92)

It's Michael Cole's show, a story titled "I Am My Brother's Keeper." A syndicate killer is Pete's quarry; problem is, the gunman is also stalking Pete.

Guest Stars:
Linda Marsh as Betty Ayres
Guy Stockwell as Milton Shermer
Jack Ging as Dave Derman
John Kerr ans Dr. Freilich
Brooke Mills as Janet Thompson
Junero Jennings as Tommy Pearl
Betty Lynn as Nurse Kearny
Other Guests: Skip Ward

Director: Jerry Jameson
Producer: Anthony Spinner
Writer: James Schmerer
Music: Earle Hagen

Groovy Tunes

The Mod Squad tv series episode #91. I Am My Brother's Keeper 4Jan72

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