103. Yesterday's Ashes 28Sep72 (Production Order #: 106)

Rehabilitation through plastic surgery: a promising experiment with a disfigured girl caught shoplifting. In Pete's words: "fix her face and he head just might fix itself".

Guest Stars:
Jo Ann Harris as Sue Fielding
Robert Pine as Jay Turner
Ivor Francis as Dr. Forrester
Grace Lenard as The Landlady
Rudy Challenger as Dr. Gordon
Toni Moss as Gloria Stone
Pitt Herbert as Liquor Prop.
Rusty Lane as The Seadog
Other Guest: Nino Candido

Director: Richard Newton
Producer: Sandor Stern
Writer: Skip Webster
Music: Earle Hagen

The Mod Squad tv series episode #103. Yesterday's Ashes 28Sep72

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