105. Taps, Play It Louder 12Oct72 (Production Order #: 105)

A missing-person drama about a wounded Vietnam veteran who took the bus as far as home - then passed right by his stop.

Guest Stars:
Peter Hooten as Jim Styles
Michele Nichols as Mary Ellen Styles
Robert F. Simon as Fred Styles
Ann Doran as Eva Styles
Patricia McAneny as Janet Morrisey
Bruce Kirby as Col. Broidy
Aldine as Carolyn Malik
Dabbs Greer as Store Owner
Bill Zuckert as Frank Morrissey
Richard Yniguez as Tom Sanchez
Other Guest: Timothy Blake

Director: E. W. Swackhammer
Producer: Sandor Stern
Writer: Sandor Stern
Music: Earle Hagen

The Mod Squad tv series episode #105. Taps, Play It Louder 12Oct72

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