110. Another Final Game 16Nov72 (Production Order #: 109)

Out-conning a master con man. That's what lies behind Pete and Julie's pose as wealthy young marrieds. Clu Gulager plays their wily adversary.

Guest Stars:
Clu Galager as Dustin Ellis
Beverlee McKinsey as Evalyn Ellis
Woodrow Parfey as Durko
Joseph R. Sicari as Tip Garrison
Zara Cully as Mrs. Jones
Richard Hervey as Lawyer
Paul Micale as Waiter
George Brenlin as Philly Enders

Director: Jerry Jameson
Producer: Sandor Stern
Writer: Frank Telford
Music: Earle Hagen

The Mod Squad tv series episode #110. Another Final Game 16Nov72

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