116. Run, Lincoln, Run 4Jan73 (Production Order #: 116)

A drama about a cab driver obligated to underworld loan sharks. What he can't repay in money he can make up for in service - by driving the getaway car in a bank heist.

Guest Stars:
James A. Watson Jr. as Herb Henderson
Elliott Street as Tony Krause
Stefan Gierasch as Edmund Glendon
Emily Yancy as Ruth Henderson
June Dayton as Mrs. Milton
Taylor Lacher as Marty Farrell
Justin Smith as Chuck Milton
Nick Lewis as Freddie Moss
Grant Owens as Police Officer

Director: Leonard Horn
Producer: Sandor Stern
Writer: Donald Lance Stewart
Music: Earle Hagen

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The Mod Squad tv series episode #116. Run, Lincoln, Run 4Jan73