117. Don't Kill My Child 18Jan73 (Production Order #: 117)

Child beating is the menace explored in this drama starring Marlyn Mason as the mother of a battered boy. The prime suspect: the father, who brought the lad to a free clinic and fled. Nina Foch has a cameo as the victim's grandmother.

Guest Stars:
Marlyn Mason as Evely Pruitt
Murray MacLeod as Dave Pruitt
Nina Foch as Pauline Dykstra
Ty Wilson as Timmy Pruitt
Kirk Mee as Dr. Eli Marmor
Johm Maremba as Mr. Lindner
Jack Marin as Policeman
Beverly Powers as Wanda
Rosana Soto as Dolores
Other Guests: Lillian Lehman, Joan Tompkins.

Director: Harry Falk
Producer: Tony Barrett
Writer: Paul and Margaret Schneider
Music: Earle Hagen

The Mod Squad tv series episode #117. Don't Kill My Child 18Jan73

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