120. Scion Of Death 8Feb73 (Production Order #: 121)

Frustration for the police, unable to foil a kidnapping or even identify the victim. Nor can they expect help from the hostage's parents, who have been frightened into silence.

Guest Stars:
Don Porter as Walter Ryan
Julie Adams as Nancy Ryan
Ross Elliott as Sam Brodie
Larry Golden as Woody Samuels
Mitzi Hoag as Cora Brodie
Richard Rowley as Danny Ryan
Dennis Dugan as Chris Norton
Daniel Spelling as Roy Condon
Bill Vint as Eddie Payne
Lewis Charles as Les Dondon

Director: Dan Haller
Producer: Sandor Stern
Writer: Skip Webster and Robert Schlitt
Music: Earle Hagen

The Mod Squad tv series episode #120. Scion Of Death 8Feb73